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About Us

We believe technology should be stable, secure, and elegant.
We want you to have confidence in your technology systems so you can stop worrying about IT and instead focus on building your business.


Network / Security / Servers
Collaboration / Websites / Wireless
Internet / VoIP / Computers


Our extensive experience and background in IT Security allows us to develop solutions that are safer and more responsive for your business because they have been designed with security as a top priority.

We do this by developing comprehensive technology solutions, staying aware of the latest "hacker" attack/defense methods, and solving problems by connecting your business with the right people, ideas, and technology.

Our industry recognition and certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver quality solutions for our clients.

Locations Served

We provide technology solutions to clients throughout all of West Michigan:
Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Lansing, and more.

We also regularly support clients internationally
via our online Remote Support technology.

Industries Served

We are comfortable creating solutions and solving technology problems
for clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries and verticals:
Medical, Healthcare, Finance, Legal, Law,
Manufacturing, Electrical, Publishing, Marketing,
International Business Development, and Media Broadcasting.

Technology Vendors

We support many technology vendors and are known for our
ability to quickly learn new technologies.

We have also developed a strong business relationship and have
extensive experience with the following vendors:
Fortinet, Cisco, Microsoft, Google Apps,
SynologyDell, Lenovo, HP, CyberPower,
Symantec, LinuxVMWare, WordPress,
ASUS, Netgear, and many many others.

Industry Certifications

Microsoft MCSE:Security, Cisco CCNA:Security
Security+, Network+, A+, Novell CNA, MCDST

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