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Why Order through TechConnect?

Cost Savings

TechConnect offers quote gathering as a complimentary (free) service thanks to our partnership arrangements with service providers:
  • Our local & national partnerships allow us to help you find the best pricing and timely promotional discounts.
  • Compare all your options and select the best fit for your organization!

Feature Selection

The TechConnect team receives regular training from the various providers so we are kept aware of the many services & features available. 
  • We will work with your team to recommend new features that could benefit your organization.
  • Having many partnerships allows us to gather quotes from all the providers that service your geographic area!

Technical Expertise

TechConnect can help with implementation, deployment, and troubleshooting:
  • With our in-depth understanding of Networks, Firewalls, Internet protocols, Voice over IP (VoIP), PBX Phone Systems, and Technology Hardware, our expertise will help make the entire process as smooth as possible.
  • Once the product, equipment, or service has been installed, our team of Technology Consultants are available to offer continued technical expertise and knowledge to resolve issues quickly.

Project Coordination

TechConnect simplifies the entire ordering process and provides a better experience (compared to ordering directly from the provider):

    • TechConnect acts as your "single point of contact".
    • TechConnect coordinates and schedules all the involved organizations.
    • TechConnect records all technical documentation and information.   
    • TechConnect will help with account setup and provide some initial training. 

Ordering directly from the provider: 

    • Your organization will work with multiple Sales Reps.
    • Your organization must coordinate everything and schedule with all the involved organizations.
    • Your organization must record all technical information.
    • Your organization must work with the provider's Customer Service for initial account setup.

Future Support

Once the order is finished you may:

  • work with the provider directly for future tech support.
  • consider a TechConnect "Managed Service Plan" to regularly monitor & update your technology and resolve issues.