Gain fast, secure connectivity around the office and to the cloud with tightly integrated networking components for superior performance, visibility, and control across your infrastructure. 
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Enterprise-Grade Fortinet Hardware on the SMB Budget

Fortinet is engineered for complete protection with intuitive security, simplified management, and packaged to give you the security you need within your budget and operating cycles.

With Fortinet, networking and security converge with automation and built-in Secure SD-WAN to better protect your organization with complete visibility, control and consistent security across network, endpoint and cloud.

Regardless where your team is located, centralized cloud-based management simplifies administration and gives your organization peace of mind they are protected by the most widely deployed NGFW in the world and industry leading, validated security that delivers maximum value.

Protecting People, Devices, & Data Everywhere

Converge networking and security across your network infrastructure and enable safe access to the cloud with Fortinet Secure Office Networking. Industry leading NGFW security extends through switches and wireless access points creating a web of network sensors to prevent threats from spreading while built-in Secure SD-WAN enables safe access to the cloud.

Fortinet Security Solutions at SMB Budgets


Affordable Enterprise-Grade Security

Receive trusted enterprise-grade security solutions at a price point designed to allow any sized business to handle modern challenges and risks.


Integrated SD-WAN

Boost your network's performance and control costs with SD-WAN built directly into the Fortinet FortiGate firewall at no additional cost.


Security Fabric Integration

A single-pane security fabric designed to allow centralized and consolidated management showing immediate visibility of users and devices - either in the cloud or office.


Ransomware Protection

Through the implantation of enterprise-grade security devices, with proven security best-practices policies, you greatly limit the impact of ransomware, viruses, and hacks.

Fortinet Security Protection vs Ransomware Attacks

The Fortinet Security Fabric brings an affordable, broad, integrated and automated approach to security across the entire attack footprint to protect your organization from ransomware. 

Powered by intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet combines market-leading prevention, detection and mitigation with top-rated threat intelligence to combat today’s most advanced threats.

Even with limited budgets, Fortinet’s modular approach to security with right-sized solutions for varying use-cases ensure small and medium businesses (SMBs) are maximizing their ability to protect themselves across a variety of threat vectors.

TechConnect is a Fortinet Partner

Expertise & Knowledge

We have the expertise of configuring, implementing, troubleshooting, and maintaining each Fortinet security devices that most technology consulting firms do not have. Where most companies stall in their explanations and experience, TechConnect thrives and will make your network work as desired.

Better Pricing and Planning

TechConnect is a Fortinet Sales partner and will be able to provide discounts based on quantity and requesting Fortinet quotes through our team. From SMB to Enterprise-level companies, TechConnect network engineers will be able to assist your project planning as well.

Ensure Best Practices are Followed

Along with this expertise comes behind-the-scenes Fortinet and security training. TechConnect continues to train our team to ensure that best security practices, examples, and features are used for each project and network.

Managed Service Plans

One of the key aspects of security best practices is ongoing maintenance. Network devices (such as firewalls, switches, and wireless access points) must not be forgotten and left unattended. Consistent updates, monthly reviews, and troubleshooting hours would be covered under TechConnect managed service plans.

Interested to make Fortinet a part of your business infrastructure and culture?

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